Honor Code

The academic community of students and faculty at Saint Anthony College of Nursing maintain an environment of honesty, trust, and respect. Students and faculty are expected to hold themselves and their peers to a high standard of honor and integrity. The Honor Code allows students and faculty to attain appropriate recognition for their academic and personal achievements. The Honor Code also mandates that students acknowledge when information is obtained from other sources as identified in the plagiarism policy.

Violation of the Honor Code involves acts of dishonesty which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Plagiarism: Refers to using the words of another as one’s own, presenting the ideas of others as one’s own, or preparing/using another student’s assignment.
  • Cheating: Using prohibited notes or study aids, allowing another party to do one’s work/exam and turning in that work/exam as one’s own, copying off of another student’s course work, collaborating on course work (including online courses) when prohibited for that course, and submitting the same or similar work in more than one course without permission from the course instructors.
  • Violation of Exam Integrity: Recording in oral or written form any part of a question following an exam or other assessment of learning for purposes of sharing such information with any current or future student of the College or any other college or organization.
  • Fabrication: Falsification or creation of data, research or resources, or altering a graded work without the prior consent of the course instructor.
  • Lying or misrepresentation: Deliberate falsification with the intent to deceive in written or oral form.
  • Bribery: Providing, offering, or taking rewards in exchange for a grade, an assignment, or the aid of academic dishonesty.
  • Threat: An attempt to intimidate, bully or coerce a student, staff, or faculty member for any reason, including the purpose of receiving an unearned grade, or in an effort to prevent the reporting of an Honor Code violation.
  • Unauthorized access to protected information: Gaining unauthorized access to protected information.