Incoming College Students
Official registration for new incoming college students will be done by mail prior to new student orientation in August or December. All tuition and fees are due on Orientation Day.

Enrolled Students
Students enrolled in the College of Nursing may pre-register for the following semester in May and December on the dates established for registration. The following procedure as written below will be followed:

  1. The student will contact his/her advisor for an appointment to register.
  2. The advisor will have registration forms to be completed by the student and signed by the advisor.
  3. The Advisor Copy will be kept by the advisor and placed in the student's advising folder.
  4. The Student Copy and Records Copy will be given to the Supervisor of Enrollment and Management by the student.
  5. Tuition and fees are due the first day of class.

Financial Obligations
All financial responsibilities must be settled prior to each academic semester. A student's registration is not final, nor is enrollment in a course complete until all tuition and fees have been paid in full. Students who qualify to use college-based financial aid must contact the College Financial Aid Office before registering to complete the proper procedure to receive credit toward payment of their tuition and fees.

Regardless of financial assistance, the student's account remains the responsibility of the student. All grades and transcripts will be withheld until any outstanding financial obligation is paid in full. Registration for the next semester will be withheld until final payment is made. If a student or alumnus fails to pay any outstanding balance, their account may be turned over for collection. In case of collection, the student or alumnus will be responsible for the original amount owed, any interest, and any fee, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees incurred during the collection process. If such restrictions occur, students have the right to discuss their restrictions with the appropriate member of the College administration.

Payment Options
Students may use the following options for payment of outstanding balances:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Discover, Mastercard or Visa credit cards
  4. Payment schedule (see the Director of Student Services for details)

*Interest will be charged at the rate of 1% per month on any outstanding balance at the end of each month.

Penalty for Returned Checks
A fee of $25 will be charged on all checks returned to the College of Nursing for non-payment.