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Saint Anthony College of Nursing pairs academic excellence with extensive real life experiences. Located on the campus of OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, the region's pioneer in cardiac, cancer, trauma and orthopedic care, Saint Anthony College of Nursing provides BSN students with abundant clinical experiences. With clinical sites in the Rockford area, Saint Anthony College of Nursing BSN students have the opportunity to gain experience in ambulatory, home health and other specialty care centers.

Our newly opened skills lab with SIM man at Guilford Square and the fully equipped Health Assessment lab at the main campus will introduce students to clinical concepts, safety and procedures. With an 8/1 student to teacher ratio, each student has the opportunity to interact directly with nursing faculty who are specialists in their area of the curriculum. =Images= | Ready to Appy

Because Saint Anthony College of Nursing specializes in the nursing curriculum, SACN students are admitted as juniors, having completed prerequisite credits at another regionally accredited college or university.  Transfer guides from many of the area community colleges are available.  Prospective students are encouraged to work with the SACN admissions office at the beginning of their college career to ensure transfer of credits.

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