Prerequisite Course Descriptions

BIOLOGY REQUIREMENTminimum 12 credits   
Includes Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology and Biology.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY REQUIREMENT - minimum 4 semester credits
One semester of human anatomy and physiology, which will have a laboratory component, is required, in addition to a principles of biology course (also with lab). All body systems must be included through lecture, demonstrations, visuals, and hands-on laboratory dissection. Physiology of the body systems would be explored, including reproduction, homeostasis, and fluid balance. A two-semester anatomy and physiology sequence is preferred to meet the requirement.

MICROBIOLOGY - minimum 3-4 semester credits
An introduction to the classification, morphology, and physiology of microorganisms and the relationships these life forms have within their environment. A laboratory component is required. 

CHEMISTRY - minimum 3 semester credits
One semester of chemistry beyond the high school level or its equivalent. This semester will introduce fundamental principles and concepts. The emphasis would be on atomic structure, chemical bonding, kinetic theory, and chemical problems and solutions.

CULTURAL DIVERSITY - minimum 3 semester credits
This course focuses on the concept and characteristics of the cultural diversity of societies, individuals and families. It is a study of cultures or social organizations that will allow the student to gain an appreciation of cultural similarities enhancing intercultural sensitivity.

DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY - minimum 3 semester credits
This course will include human development throughout the life span, investigating behavior, as well as physical growth and development, which accompanies the life processes from conception through old age.

ENGLISH COMPOSITION - minimum 6 semester credits
Two semesters of basic English composition which will enable the student to acquire writing skills essential for success in the academic and professional life.

FINE ART - minimum 3 semesters credits
The fine arts requirement may be satisfied through appreciation courses in art, music or theater. (More than one course may be required to satisfy the requirement of three hours.)

HUMANITIES - minimum 3 semester credits
This requirement must be satisfied through any number of courses which explore the philosophic concerns of human civilization or religious thought, logic, humanities, literature or foreign languages (if emphasis is placed on foreign culture and not development of language skills).

INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY - minimum 3 semester credits
One-semester course which will provide an introduction to the broad issue of sociology. Social structures, cultural patterns, and social issues would be included in this course.

PHYSICAL LIFE SCIENCE ELECTIVE - minimum 3 semester credit
Any college-level course from the phsyical or life sciences, but not used to meet other requirements.  Examples may include biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and geology.

GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY - minimum 3 semester credits
One semester of an introduction to the scientific study of human behavior. Topics would include a broad area which includes perception, learning, motivation, personality, and intelligence.

STATISTICS REQUIREMENT - minimum 3 semester credits 
A statistics course including central tendency, variability, graphical presentation of data, and T- and Chi-square distributions.

NUTRITION - minimum 3 semester credits
An elementary exploration of the function of food and nutrition as it affects the human body. The course would introduce the student to various food groups and emphasize the importance of nutrition to the human being.

SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE - minimum 3 semester credits
One course in social science (anthropology, economics, history, human geography, political science, or interdisciplinary social/behavioral science).

SPEECH - minimum 3 semester credits
One semester of introduction to the theory and practice of effective oral communication. The student will be able to organize, deliver, and evaluate oral communications.

ELECTIVES - minimum depends on other courses taken.
Electives are courses which will enrich and/or broaden the education of the baccalaureate student. The students are free to choose electives that are of interest to them and which support the College philosophy and goals. A maximum of 2 credits of Physical Education will transfer for elective credit to Saint Anthony College of Nursing. Applicants may have electives pre-approved to ensure credit transfer.

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