Financial Aid                                

The primary purpose of the financial aid programs at Saint Anthony College of Nursing is to provide financial assistance within its available resources to those students who, without such assistance, would not be able to attend.

To apply for financial aid at Saint Anthony College of Nursing, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For additional information, please contact:

Serrita Woods
Financial Aid/Alumni Resources Officer
5658 E. State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61108-2468
(815) 395-5089
School Code: 009987

The financial aid programs available at the College include:

  • grants,
  • tuition waivers, (Always check with your employer to see what type of tuition reimbursement you and/or your parents may qualify for.)
  • loans,
  • and scholarships

Students may contact the Financial Aid Office concerning eligibility questions, procedures, application forms, and additional financial information. Please refer to the college's Standards of Academic Progress for Undergraduate Students Receiving Financial Aid.

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Federal Pell Grant

  • Does not need to be repaid (unless you withdraw from school and owe a refund)
  • Can be used for tuition, fees, living expenses
  • This grant is based on financial need
  • Amount of award is calculated by the college based on information from the FAFSA
  • Awarded to undergraduate students-those who haven't earned a bachelor's or graduate degree
  • Amounts can change yearly
  • Maximum award for 2016-2017 is $5815

MAP Grant

  • Does not need to be repaid (unless you withdraw from school and owe a refund)
  • This grant is based on financial need
  • This need based grant can only be used by Illinois residents attending an approved Illinois school or one of the four military service academies
  • Pays tuition and mandatory fees
  • Awarded to undergraduate students-those who haven't earned a bachelor's or graduate degree
  • Amounts can change yearly
  • Estimated maximum award as approved by State Officials
  • MAP Rights & Responsibilities


There are two types of Federal Direct Student loans. They are subsidized and unsubsidized. The Federal Direct loans are low-interest loans that the student takes out on his/her behalf.

Direct Subsidized (subsidized - need based) Students may borrow up to $5,500/year, depending on need.

Read about time limitation on direct subsidized loan eligibility for first time borrowers, on or after July 1, 2013 

Direct Unsubsidized (unsubsidized - non-need based) Students may use the unsubsidized loan to reach that portion of the $5,500 that they did not qualify for under the subsidized program. An additional $2,000 unsubsidized may be borrowed by dependent students for a total of $7,500. Independent student may borrow a maximum of $12,500 between the two programs. THE UNSUBSIDIZED PROGRAM REQUIRES THAT THE STUDENT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INTEREST WHILE IN SCHOOL.

Direct Plus Loan (parent/graduate loans for undergraduate and graudate students)

Private/Alternative Loans are available to students to help pay the gap in their financial aid. Private student loans are meant to supplement - not replace- federal student loans.  Look into all other sources of federal, state, and/or school aid prior to borrowing a private student loan.


  • Typically have a higher interest rate
  • Interest rates/fees based on credit rating
  • May require a co-signer
  • Not Federally funded
  • Cannot be consolidated with Federal Student Loans

Private lenders students have previously used: Go to FAST Choice-GREATLAKES The inclusion of a loan product or lender on this site does not imply endorsement.  We do not endorse any loan products or lenders.  Borrower can choose any lender.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Saint Anthony College of Nursing has been approved to provide Veterans Education Benefits by the State Approving Agency for Veterans Education, Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs. For more information regarding the education benefits, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

View Veteran's Benefits

Employee Tuition Reimbursement Programs

A $300.00 deposit is required, at registration, if you defer any portion of your tuition.  If a class(s) is dropped the deferment status may change.

If your employer offers tuition or educational reimbursement, we will defer that amount until the end of the semester, upon employer notification.   You will be required to pay the remaining balance above the benefit reimbursement, by the first day of class. The deferred balance will be due, in full, 30 days after grades are posted.  It is the student's responsibility to submit the required documents to their Human Resource Department. The reimbursement benefit is usually paid to the student directly.  Balances not paid within the 30 days will be subject to the 1% monthly interest charge.