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The Saint Anthony College of Nursing baccalaureate degree provides the liberal arts and science background expected of today and tomorrow's Registered Professional Nurse. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduates are prepared to work in acute care settings and hospitals, schools, occupational health sites, public health, research, US government agencies, as well as pharmaceutical and insurance corporations.  A BSN is the foundation for nurses who seek opportunities at the master or doctorate level. A BSN provides a broad spectrum of scientific, critical thinking, humanistic, communication and leadership concepts expected of a professional in today's world.

Our fully equipped skills lab will introduce students to clinical concepts, safety and procedures.  With a 12/1 student to teacher ratio, each student has the opportunity to interact directly with nursing faculty who are specialists in their area of the curriculum. 

A student who has completed at least seven semesters of high school with a minimum of 3.25 GPA and at least 2 ½ years of high school science, may apply for acceptance.  This acceptance is pending successful completion of all prerequisites within the course description and GPA requirements.

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